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Severfield is the chosen company to build the state-of-the-art expansion to the south of the iconic Shepperton Studios in Shepperton, Surrey


Shepperton, London


Pinewood Group


Civic Engineers


9,000 tonnes

Completion date:

July 2023

About this project

Severfield is building the soundstages and production facilities that form the new state-of-the-art expansion of the film studio complex in Shepperton, Surrey, for Pinewood Group, a British multinational film and televisions studio company. The new complex will comprise 14 soundstages, four multi-storey office blocks, a uniquely designed entrance pavilion with a 30-metre over-road feature canopy and various utility and workshop buildings and car parks.

This project involved the construction of several buildings at the same time, requiring six mobile cranes and up to 55 loads being delivered to site each week. This meant that meticulous site planning was of the utmost importance, allowing Severfield to keep to a tight schedule and avoid delays.

For the soundstage, steel trusses were delivered to the site and assembled into three large sections –⁠ all of which were lifted into place and connected in the air. A further 34 trusses –⁠ measuring around five metres in width –⁠ were assembled in the factory and transported to site. These abnormal loads required extensive logistical planning and included the temporary removal of some street furniture along the agreed delivery routes.

Upon entering the complex, people are met by the impressive, curved entrance pavilion and canopy, which spans the 30-metre carriageway. The offices are predominantly formed using a beam and column superstructure, with a mezzanine, three floors and a roof. This required a series of large 18-metre trusses, each weighing approximately 16 tonnes.

Many measures have been taken by the Severfield team to ensure that the project is delivered successfully and on time. Here, as elsewhere, we continue to demonstrate our commitment to quality and efficiency, and to ensure our clients are satisfied with the end result.