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Board leadership and company purpose

The Group is controlled through the board of directors of Severfield plc. We believe that, consistent with Principle A of the Code, the board is effective and entrepreneurial. We have described in the strategic report how opportunities and risks to the future success of the business have been considered and addressed, together with the sustainability of the Group's business model. In this section we describe how our governance contributes to the delivery of our strategy and how the board monitors and drives culture and purpose.

Structure of the board

The membership of the board is stated on Our Board of Directors. The board currently consists of the chairman, five other non-executive directors and four executive directors. However, Tony Osbaldiston will be retiring at the end of July and will be replaced by Mark Pegler as chair of the audit committee and Alun Griffiths will be replaced by Louise Hardy as chair of the remuneration committee in September 2023. No appointment has yet been made to take over Alun's role as SID from the AGM onwards.

Alan Dunsmore has board-level responsibility for sustainability matters and employment matters and Ian Cochrane has board-level responsibility for health and safety matters.

Structure of the board diagram