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As part of the Sellafield project, Severfield is providing complex steelwork for a new continuity plant being constructed next to the existing Site Ion Exchange Effluent Plant (‘SIXEP’). Termed the ‘kidneys’ of the site, once complete, the SCP facility will assist SIXEP in cleaning up residual waste at the site.




Altrad Babcock Ltd

Main Contractor:

Altrad Babcock (as part of PPP framework)


Jacobs/Mott MacDonald




1,200 tonnes

Completion date:

August 2025

About this project

Severfield Nuclear & Infrastructure (‘SN&I’) is undertaking a major project at Sellafield, Cumbria, that involves the fabrication and construction of over 1,200 tonnes of structural steelwork for the new SIXEP Continuity Plant (‘SCP’).

The new facility is under construction just north of the existing SIXEP plant within the Sellafield site. The original SIXEP, which has been in operation since 1985, removes waste from various locations on the site. This project involves working next to a live plant and in a highly controlled and regulated environment.

Severfield is providing 1,200 tonnes of steelwork whilst also assisting with the installation of metal decking, shear studs, concrete floors, cladding and the application of intumescent coatings, both off and on site. Factoring into the long-term nature of the wider contract, we are employing local labour to significantly reduce our mobile workforce. Additionally, we are prioritising the recruitment of local labour for all new positions before considering potential candidates from further afield. In support of this, we have enrolled with a local scheme ‘All Together Cumbria’ to target the local employment market, creating a positive social change by providing opportunities for local people.

Part of the project complexity involves the reversing of the original build plan for the first phase of works, helping to improve the efficiency of construction on later phases. This included a reassessment of temporary works and subsequent inclusion of additional temporary bracings throughout the structure. These bracings will remain until the building achieves its permanent state.

In October 2022, Severfield achieved 50,000 hours incident free on the SCP project. This is an excellent achievement and showcases our commitment to health and safety standards in this safety-critical environment.